Westmatic Corporation
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Westmatic Corporation
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485 Cayuga Rd.
Buffalo, NY  14225
United States
Phone: 866-747-4567
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Westmatic serves public transportation and fleets worldwide with a line of highly efficient and environmentally-friendly automatic large vehicle wash systems.

Westmatic systems are compact, making them ideal for a retro-fit into existing wash bays or where new equipment footprints are restrained which increases wash bay utilization. We can customize your system based on budget, space requirements, fleet size, and wash schedule. 

Drive-Through Systems – Ideal for High Volume Bus Fleets

Westmatic’s Drive-Through bus wash system features brushes that overlap on the front and rear of the vehicle while brush pressure is monitored electronically. This provides a safe and consistent wash result. This system handles a wide variety of vehicles including 40’ buses, 60’ articulating buses, paratransit, electric, CNG powered, and non-revenue or service vehicles. Our Transit-Master model is specifically designed for buses with bike racks.

Hybrid Systems for Mixed Fleets

The Westmatic Hybrid is a large vehicle wash system designed for fleets of mixed vehicles and configurations. The Hybrid washes in a brush and touchless mode (in conjunction), or independently with brushes or touchless. Any part, crevice, or protrusion that the brushes cannot reach to wash with friction are sprayed clean by the high-pressure spray arches.

Rollover/Gantry Large Vehicle Wash Systems

Our self-adjusting, robotic gantry machines are incredibly versatile and customizable for different vehicle types and sizes. They can be installed in most existing wash bays. The system can wash in drive-through mode, reducing wash cycle time to 90 seconds. Featuring a top horizontal brush, this machine can also wash passenger cars. The brushes intelligently wash around mirrors and other vehicle protrusions.

Also available is the touchless rollover which is ideal for smaller fleets that do not have a demanding wash schedule.

Touchless Systems

Our touchless wash systems feature the same robotic high pressure spray arches as our Hybrid system. Available in drive-through and rollover models, these systems are unique in their ability to self-adjust to different widths and irregularities of heavy vehicles and equipment.

Train Wash Systems

For over 40 years, Westmatic train wash systems have been keeping trains clean all over the world. Our modular train wash systems sense the different shapes of rail cars and can be programmed to wash in both directions, washing the front, roof, and rear in a single wash cycle. Gentle brushes clean the exterior of the train cars without damaging the paint. The system is available for electrical and diesel driven trains and can be housed in a single, standard-sized building. The system requires minimal training or special equipment.

Technologically Advanced, Simple to Operate and Maintain

Equipped with the latest PLC technology, Westmatic's wash systems incorporate the most advanced programming and unsurpassed control. All aspects of the system are constantly monitored and adjusted, ensuring the safest and most consistent results. Each system comes standard with an LCD touchscreen wash program selector, and self-diagnostics and trouble-shooting. Westmatic is also capable of wirelessly remoting into the equipment, to help diagnose and program.

With all their sophistication, Westmatic's equipment remains very simple to operate and maintain. Our systems require less than 30 minutes of preventative maintenance and mechanical adjustments per month. Equipment is very easy to customize for various fleet configurations and budgets.

Reducing Water, Electricity, and Chemical Costs

Westmatic wash systems use less water, electricity and chemicals compared to other wash systems. Combined with our high value water reclamation and water purification options, a Westmatic large vehicle wash system is one of the most environmentally-friendly wash systems in the industry.

Product Information:
Westmatic’s 4-Brush Drive-Through Wash System is designed for fleets with a high-volume wash schedule. Brushes overlap on the front and rear of the vehicle while brush pressure is monitored electronically providing a safe and consistent wash result. Handles a wide variety of vehicles including 40’ buses, 60’ articulating buses, paratransit, electric, CNG powered, and non-revenue or service vehicles.

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