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ELERTS Corporation develops emergency communication applications for the specific needs of mass transit systems. Its smartphone apps offer powerful, mobile solutions that enable real-time, bidirectional communication between First Responders and app users who witness threatening events or other safety concerns. The apps offer location information and the user interface, while cloud-based server technology processes crowd-sourced reports, provides resource analysis, and hosts a system management console.

Five mass transit systems use the ELERTS system: Boston MBTA, Atlanta MARTA, San Francisco BART, Santa Clara VTA, and Buffalo/Niagara NFTA. ELERTS helps protect a combined weekday ridership of millions of people.

Extended Description:

The ELERTS emergency communication system includes:

  • A cloud-based infrastructure with real-time, two-way chat and photo-sharing from iPhone or Android phones.
  • A web-based management console to help Security Ops quickly respond to incoming crowd-sourced reports.
  • GPS-based services to pinpoint the location from where reports are sent.
  • Store and forward communication model to deliver reports from areas with no connectivity.
  • ELERTS’ patent-pending Attention Engine technology to focus on the surveillance cameras nearby a reported incident.
  • Ability to broadcast BOLO (Be On the Look Out) alerts to the public for assistance in finding wanted or missing persons.
  • A free, downloadable app for end users.

Rider reports are managed at the transit police dispatch center. Upon receiving a report, two-way communication allows the dispatcher to ask a rider for more details. Alerts, including BOLOs and information about service interruptions and delays, can be broadcast to all of the app's users.

Designed for challenging communication environments, the ELERTS' app can be used when smartphones encounter connectivity issues. In the event that a cell or Wi-Fi signal is weak or non-existent (while passing through a tunnel or area where there is interference), the app uses a store and forward model, delivering reports to transit police when signals reach usable levels.


Unique to the system is ELERTS Attention Engine, a game-changing technology that transforms video surveillance cameras into active crime interception tools. Attention Engine identifies the location from where a person sends a report, then activates nearby cameras. Live video of an incident is displayed on the video management system (VMS), helping Security Ops respond to the scene. The use of these existing security cameras can provide a view of events as they unfold, as well as critical information for assessing the nature of the emergency. In addition to cameras, Attention Engine can identify other resources that could be called into action, such as a siren or flashing light.

ELERTS was born out of a First Responder’s frustration of seeing people harmed simply due to a lack of communication. With ELERTS, two-way communication with First Responders is widely accessible to anyone with a smartphone. Having visibility into developing situations makes First Responders faster responders.

ELERTS' progressive, professionally engineered software is developed in the USA. The company offers a hosted solution, with no on-premise software or hardware to maintain. Native apps for iPhone and Android are reliable and easy to use, following a 2-big button app philosophy that can transmit reports in less than 20 seconds.

In addition to mass transit, ELERTS also offers emergency communication solutions for hospitals, corporate and educational campuses, municipalities, and personal safety.

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