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10530 Linden Lake Plaza
Manassas, VA  20109
United States
Phone: 571-379-4383
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Company Description:

Ineo Systrans USA Inc., doing business as ENGIE, has been incorporated in 1979, and since has been a worldwide industry leader in Intelligent Transportation Systems for public transit. Our mission is to provide state of the art, innovative and reliable solutions to public transit which improve passenger experience, operations efficiency, safety and maintenance.

We developed the Navineo Intelligent Transportation System & Services range, an advanced solution that help transit operations to better manage their daily operations and better serve their clients.

For over 40 years, ENGIE has proven unique system design, delivery and integration capabilities in the Transportation industry with a significant track record of on-schedule and on-budget performances. Our 400 employees are solely dedicated to solve the ever-changing needs of public transit and deliver highly reliable technology to our clients.

Our range of solutions include our award-winning Computer Aided Dispatch and Automatic Vehicle Location (CAD/AVL), real-time passenger information, on-board infotainment for buses and rail, and Automatic passenger counting systems.

Product Information:
As part of our CAD/AVL system, we provide an innovative and ruggedized Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) to support and enhance bus operators performance through map guidance and turn by turn information.

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Products/Services: ADA (Americans with Disabilities) Compliance - Bus
Audio/Video Entertainment Systems - Bus
Automated Vehicle Monitoring - Bus
Automatic Vehicle Location/Identification - Bus
Bus Management Systems
Communications Equipment - Bus
Global Positioning Systems - Bus
Interactive Voice Response Systems - IVRS - Bus
Passenger Counters - Bus
Passenger Information Systems - Bus
Solar-Powered Solutions - Bus
Systems Integration - Bus
Wi-Fi - Bus
Cellular Phones/2-Way Radios
Computer Hardware, Software & Accessories
Information Technology Design/Implementation
Intelligent Transportation Sys Technology/Planning
Passenger Information Systems - Information & Technology
Solar-Powered Solutions - Information & Technology
Wi-Fi - Information & Technology
Passenger Counters - Rail
Passenger Information Systems - Rail
Wi-Fi - Rail
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