REI - Radio Engineering Industries
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REI - Radio Engineering Industries
6534 L St.
Omaha, NE  68117
United States
Phone: 800-228-9275
Fax: 402-339-1704
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REI is the market leader in transportation electronic solutions. With over seventy-five years’ experience in product development and design, REI is able to provide your fleet with a fully integrated solution. Solutions include: mobile video surveillance, ITS, audio/video passenger entertainment, and camera observation. Utilizing REI solutions can provide many benefits to your fleet operation, such as: a safer environment for passengers and drivers; quantifiable return on investment; reduction of risky driving behavior; enjoyable and informative passenger entertainment; and improved operating efficiencies. Customize your solution by selecting from REI’s extensive product and software line, including: vehicle and fleet management software, DVRs and hard drives, cameras, audio/video equipment, vehicle diagnostics and maintenance software, trip planning, real time ETAs, routing, alerts, ad-hoc messaging, reports, passenger information systems and more. The REI team will never leave you stranded as we offer 24/7/365 first class support. Multiple solutions - one company - one choice. Contact REI today! Sales: 800.228.9275 / Service: 877.726.4617 /

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