REI - Radio Engineering Industries
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REI - Radio Engineering Industries
6534 L St.
Omaha, NE  68117
United States
Phone: 800-228-9275
Fax: 402-339-1704
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Company Description:

REI is a U.S.-based company that engineers, manufactures and services innovative, customizable, professional-grade electronics for the global transportation and agriculture industries.

We focus on solution-based safety, entertainment and fleet management products and services to help our customers grow and protect their businesses in the industries of student transportation, public transportation, motorcoach, shuttle bus, construction and agriculture.

Our product line is comprised of integrated, customizable software and hardware solutions for mobile video surveillance, GPS mapping, vehicle tracking, audio/video passenger entertainment and camera observation systems.

Among our solutions roster that includes more than 2,000 products: 170° wide-angle high-definition interior cameras; exterior cameras; a 3D 360° high-definition surround view camera system; durable and feature-packed DVRs; a wireless ARMOR Software Suite for fleet management; passenger entertainment systems; high-definition digital media players with priority message override, direction-based geofence/GPS violation notification and keypad control capabilities; dependable LCD monitors; multimedia radios; public address systems; wired and wireless microphones; antennas; speakers; subwoofers; and a large assortment of innovative accessories designed to entertain passengers as well as monitor and enhance the safety of riders, drivers and vehicles.

In addition to the safety and entertainment benefits, REI solutions can help provide quantifiable returns on investment, improve operating efficiencies, increase productivity and offer greater peace of mind.

Our production process is governed by International ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standards, ensuring only the highest quality products for our customers.

REI offers an outstanding Warranty and a Surveillance Exchange Program that are unmatched in the industry. Customer and Technical Support is also available 24/7/365. Call us toll-free or email us to elevate the safety and entertainment for your fleet with an all-in-one solutions provider.

REI is committed to developing and maintaining quality relationships with customers to ensure their success. Sales: 800.228.9275 | Technical Support: 877.726.4617 | email: |

Product Information:
Inform and entertain transit passengers with true 1080p HD and vivid color offered by REI’s durable LCD monitors and digital media players. REI monitors come in wedge, flip-down and wall-mount styles. REI digital media players deliver HD playback, priority message override capabilities, DOT compliance logging and inputs to interface with existing entertainment systems. Options for direction-based, geofence/GPS violation notifications and a driver controller are available.

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