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Polycorp Ltd
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33 York Street West
Elora, ON  N0B 1S0
Phone: 800-265-2710
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Polycorp Ltd. is a full line supplier of polymeric embedded track isolation systems that prolong the lifespan of any road surface while reducing the effects of destructive impact and vibration, stray electrical currents and excessive rail noise.  Trolley, Tram, Streetcar and LRT tracks consist of flexible rail systems inside rigid roadways. Polycorp designed products separate these two opposing structures, for the benefit of both.

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Rail Boot 
Form fitted to tight tolerances, Polycorp Rail boot installs easily and stays in place through the entire construction phase. Every Rail and Fastener configuration can be accommodated. (Restraining, Strap guard, Girder, Tee) Design can be engineered and customized for specific Track Modulus requirements. Supplied on a continuous Reel
•    Stray Current Control
•    Noise Reduction
•    Track Movement

Contoured Transitions: 
Polycorp Contoured Transition Pieces reduce pin point loading and stress concentrations on surface concrete to drastically reduce crack propagation. This results in improved maintenance intervals and overall optics in any project.
Flangeway Former: (Patent Pending) Unified flangeway dimensions to enhance electrical resistivity. Innovative anchor tabs control thermal expansion and contraction while restricting the ingress of foreign material between the flangeway former and the concrete. The unique design, that interlocks with the Rail Boot and installs with our spring tension clips, positively maintains flangeway dimensions and keeps concrete out during original pour.
Boot Clips: 
Speed installation by quickly and precisely holding boot in position during primary install.

Steel installation ties:
Designed for maximum strength per material dollar. Robust and easy to use while controlling overall cost. Allow for any specified Rail cant.

Composite installation ties:
Made of recycled materials, gives you a coated tie without the added cost.

Rail Hold down clips: 
Manufactured out of "Glass Reinforced Nylon" to maximize toe load and eliminate the risk of adverse pressure from swelling due to moisture related corrosion.

Track Jacket - Isolation for Special trackwork Vibration/Noise/Stray Current Control
Integrated System for all Applications

The newest addition to our Transit family is Polycorp "TrackJacket"®, a complete line of Elastomeric materials to completely isolate the entire system of embedded track from the concrete roadway. Now it is possible to get stray current control, vibration isolation and noise reduction for all your special trackwork applications.
Decoupling the track from the concrete reduces pinpoint loading and prolongs the life of the road surface.
Our patent pending TrackJacket ® system is unique in the industry. Since polymeric coatings are displaceable, not compressible, our line has internal ribs allow for this displacement. By integrating strategic voids, Polycorp TrackJacket ® can actually absorb the impact stress and vibration. Our unique process allows Polycorp technicians the ability to vary the loaded vs. load-free area to match the deflection values and track modulus of booted rail sections to mitigate the transition between the two.
Polycorp is your one-stop shop for dynamic track support systems.
One supplier – one contact. ..... Simplify the process – Ensure the result.

Product Information:
Products/Services: Noise Reduction - Architectural & Engineering
Rapid Transit Structures - Architectural & Engineering
Vibration/Ride Quality
Rapid Transit Structures - Construction
Electrolysis/Stray Current Mitigation
Noise Reduction - Rail
Rapid Transit Structures - Rail
Track & Track Accessories
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