Marathon Brake Systems
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Marathon Brake Systems
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Marathon Brake Systems

High Performance Brake Linings and Disc Pads… from North America’s #1 Name in Transit Friction

Marathon’s industry leading and OE approved KVT brake linings and DiscStar air disc pads are proven performers for transit and coach lines across the country. KVT and DiscStar are quiet, long life materials that are friendly to drums and rotors. To get the most from your bus brakes, count on Marathon!


KVT Transit Brake Linings

A quiet, long life friction material designed for intracity and intercity bus fleets   OE Transit Approved KVT is specifically formulated to handle the high heat of multiple stopping of a city bus and the heavy-duty demands of a motor coach. KVT is an organic, non-asbestos brake lining that combines stopping power and quiet operation with a long lining life. KVT is a proven formulation easily meeting Federal regulations for brake effectiveness, fade and recovery in accordance with FMVSS 121 test procedure and is rated for 28,660 lb axle loads.

KVT linings feature the Hi-Density Marathon formulation that will improve your bottom line through better performance and fewer maintenance headaches.

Extended Description:

KVT Delivers • OE Transit Approved • Ideal for intracity and intercity bus fleets

  • Longest lining life in its class
  • Hi-Density formulation for excellent heat dissipation
  • Dependable stopping performance
  • Excellent brake fade and recovery characteristics
  • Extremely drum friendly

    DiscStar Air Disc Pads

    A high performance brake pad designed for air disc brakes, with exceptional wear and low noise characteristics

    As the use of disc brakes continues to grow in the heavy-duty industry, Marathon now offers a high performance commercial vehicle disc pad, DiscStar. Designed specifically for air disc brakes, Marathon's DiscStar disc pads were created to handle the extreme conditions of transit, coach, truck and tractor applications. Formulated using Marathon's severe service ceramic expertise, DiscStar disc pads exhibit less wear, more effective stopping power and high shear resistance.

    In addition, DiscStar features exceptional rotor compatibility and low rotor wear, showing up to 33% less brake rotor wear than the leading OEM linings. By using a proven, reliable attachment method, DiscStar disc pads ensure a high mechanical bond between the friction material and the steel backing plate. As a result, you can rely on DiscStar to provide dependable stopping power, a long pad and rotor life, and significant noise reduction.

    DiscStar Delivers
    • Ideal for heavy-duty commercial applications, including transit and motor coach
    • Dependable stopping power
    • Longer pad and rotor life
    • Significant noise reduction
    • High shear resistance
    • Rapid heat dissipation

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