Fortress Systems
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Fortress Systems
3801 Rose Lake Dr
Charlotte, NC  28217-2833
United States
Phone: 704-405-5000
Fax: 704-927-6058
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Fortress Systems, and the Fortress Mobile line of Vehicle Security Solutions, provides fleet operations with optimized turn-key All-in-one solutions for collecting, storing and retrieving vital video and vehicle meta-data.  Our solutions are customized to specific end-user demands that can easily integrate and implement in to their existing infrastructure and operations. 

The Fortress Mobile is the first company to offer a solution that uses both IP & CCTV cameras on a single platform.  Our solutions will provide numerous video viewing capabilities that will allow operations to monitor driver behavior, passenger conflict, vehicle whereabouts, route tracking and efficiency with embedded data protection capabilities.  Collected data, stored in the DVR, can be retrieved manually or through 802.11 wireless networks to a centralized server(s) that will catalog and archive files.  Users have an abundance of features and functions at their fingertips that can be utilized while replaying events from one or more cameras.

Extended Description:

Expansion capabilities include instant vehicle awareness by monitoring vehicles live over a cellular broadband network.  Users will have instant access to the vehicle’s camera with location data, on a digital map, along with the speed and movements of that vehicle as well as other equipped vehicles in that fleet.  This real-time solution will provide the ultimate awareness in tracking vehicle assets and response to alarm situations as they happen.  Also included is a Health Monitoring utility to provide notification on the systems and their status to ensure that every system is always in operation.

Fortress Mobile has develop SureBus™ which is an cloud based vehicle tracking system allowing users to get status and notifications on the whereabouts, or ETA to a location, on buses.  Key features: Live GPS Tracking, Real-time Video Surveillance, Arrival Notification, Fleet Health Monitoring, and Driver Performance Report. This cloud based vehicle tracking system is integrated with our extreme high resolution mobile video surveillance technology, providing all-in-one solution for public transit safety and efficiency.

Product Information:
Products/Services: Automated Vehicle Monitoring - Bus
Automatic Vehicle Location/Identification - Bus
Bus Management Systems
Global Positioning Systems - Bus
Transit Management Companies - Bus
Cellular Phones/2-Way Radios
Intelligent Transportation Sys Technology/Planning
Passenger Information Systems - Information & Technology
Route Consulting - Information & Technology
Scheduling - Information & Technology
Video Surveillance - Information & Technology
DBE Program Design Implementation & Audits
Global Positioning Systems - Rail
Video Surveillance - Safety/Security
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