Hatch Corporation
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Hatch Corporation
(04b) Consultants
400 - 1066 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC  V6E 3X2
Phone: 604-689-5767
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Company Description:

As an employee-owned, multidisciplinary professional services firm, Hatch delivers a comprehensive array of technical and strategic services, including engineering, consulting, project and construction management, information technology, and process development. We have served clients for over six decades with corporate roots extending over 100 years and project experience in more than 150 countries around the world. With over 10,000 people in over 65 offices, we have more than $35 billion in projects currently under management.

Hatch undertakes major infrastructure projects from concept and feasibility through preliminary and detailed design, procurement and construction-management, to operational and maintenance management. We are currently engaged in tunnelling, potable water projects, rapid transit systems, highways and bridges, airports, ports and container terminals, heavy rail, solid waste and bulk-material handling facilities in North America, South America, Africa, Australia, and Asia.

Products/Services: Architectural
Bus/Railcar Yards - Architectural & Engineering
Construction Management - Architectural & Engineering
Contract Management - Architectural & Engineering
Environmental Consulting - Architectural & Engineering
Equipment Specifications - Architectural & Engineering
Fatigue and Fracture Analysis - Architectural & Engineering
Management Consulting - Architectural & Engineering
Noise Reduction - Architectural & Engineering
Project Management - Architectural & Engineering
Quality Assurance - Architectural & Engineering
Railcar Stations - Architectural & Engineering
Railcar/Bus Equipment Consultant - Architectural & Engineering
Rapid Transit Structures - Architectural & Engineering
Reliability Centered Maintenance - Architectural & Engineering
Route Consulting - Architectural & Engineering
SCADA Testing for Critical Infrastructure
Station Design
Structural - Architectural & Engineering
Systems Integration - Architectural & Engineering
Track Design - Architectural & Engineering
Track Inspection Systems & Services - Architectural & Engineering
Transit Oriented Development - Architectural & Engineering
Vibration/Ride Quality
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Design & Engineering
Bus/Railcar Yards - Bus
Railcar/Bus Equipment Consultant - Bus
Asset Management
Construction Management
Contract Management
Contractual/Risk Management
Cost Modeling and Cost Benefit Analysis
Environmental Consulting
Equipment Specifications - Professional Services
Fatigue Management - Professional Services
Maintenance Consulting - Professional Services
Management Consulting - Professional Services
Operations Consulting
Organizational Development Consulting
Procurement Services
Professional Services
Project Management - Professional Services
Public/Private Partnership
Quality Assurance - Professional Services
Rail Management Systems - Professional Services
Rail System Management - Professional Services
Railcar Shops - Architectural & Engineering
Railcar/Bus Equipment Consultant - Professional Services
Real Estate Management
Reliability Centered Maintenance - Professional Services
Route Consulting - Professional Services
Systems Integration - Professional Services
Technical Manual Development
Bus/Railcar Yards - Rail
High Speed Rail/Maglev
Maintenance - Rail
Overhead Contact System Equipment
Power & Track Connections
Preventative Maintenance - Rail
Propulsion Equipment
Rail Management Systems
Rapid Transit Structures - Rail
SCADA Testing for Critical Infrastructure - Rail
Signal Priority
Signaling/Train Control
Track Design - Rail
Track Inspection Systems & Services - Rail
Traction Power
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