Complete Coach Works
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Complete Coach Works
(04a) Manufacturers and Suppliers
1863 Service Court
Riverside, CA  92507
United States
Phone: 951-684-9585
Fax: 951-684-2088
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Company Description:

For over 30 years, Complete Coach Works has been the leading provider of reliable transportation solutions that meet the needs of our customers while providing world class products backed by superior services. Whether we are providing bus remanufacturing, interior rehabilitation, accident repair, or alternative fuel conversion, our team of over 350 experienced employees always strives for customer service and satisfaction first. Known for the ground-breaking all electric ZEPS Transit Bus (Zero Emission Propulsion System), Complete Coach Works has proven its dedication to quality and innovation that has made each job a success.  In keeping with our customer-focused philosophy, we have had multiple inventive successes in field operations including the completion of a two year contract for Puerto Rico AMA where a remote facility was established with a team of 75 specialists to complete the operation.  Our proven accomplishments have met the needs of customers from all over North America’s Transit Municipality Agencies including San Francisco MUNI, St. Louis Metro, and Indianapolis Indygo.  Complete Coach Works has a demonstrated capability of performing any contract with the highest standards of quality and reliability to always meet every job with success.

Transit Sales International (TSI) specializes in supplying quality, used transit buses to customers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and points throughout the World. Our buses are procured only from reputable U.S. sources known for their thorough, ongoing maintenance programs. Most of our inventory comes from the Western U.S. where the mild climate leaves these buses in outstanding condition and ready to be put back into service in a number of applications. TSI knows all aspects of the bus industry from fixed route service, to long and medium-term bus leasing, to complete remanufacturing and bus sales. From 60′ articulating buses to 22′ shuttles and everything in between, we have the used transit buses that fit your needs.

Family owned and operated with four generations of experience to back it, TSI puts customer service and satisfaction first. With over 1,000 buses in inventory, we have the world’s largest selection of makes and models. Many of our buses are wheelchair lift equipped and most have air conditioning. We have the means to help you meet all of your transportation needs.

Shuttle Bus Leasing began its operations over 30 years ago. SBL, previously known as Shuttle Bus Leasing, specializes in providing short to medium-term leases of high quality transit shuttle buses for a wide range of applications. With multiple locations within the United States, SBL is able provide leasing service to accommodate various transportation needs. SBL was a proud supplier to G4S, the U.S. Winter Olympics in 2002, and Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010. You may also find our buses operating at national parks, construction sites, airports, university campuses, tour operations and seasonally at many ski resorts and amusement parks around the country. 

Product Information:
Developed exclusively by CCW, the ZEPS technology was integrated in order to provide customers an affordable route to eco-friendly transportation, potentially revolutionizing the transportation industry while supporting the environment for future generations.

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Products/Services: ADA (Americans with Disabilities) Compliance - Bus
ADA (Americans with Disabilities) Compliance - Rail
Air Brake Systems - Bus
Air Brake Systems - Rail
Audio/Video Entertainment Systems - Bus
Audio/Video Entertainment Systems - Rail
Automated Vehicle Monitoring - Bus
Automated Vehicle Monitoring - Rail
Automatic Vehicle Location/Identification - Bus
Automatic Vehicle Location/Identification - Rail
Axles - Rail
Batteries - Bus
Batteries - Rail
Bicycle Lockers & Racks - Bus
Bicycle Lockers & Racks - Rail
Body & Structural Parts
Brake Drums - Bus
Brake Drums - Rail
Brake Lining - Bus
Brake Lining - Rail
Brakes & Retarders - Bus
Brakes & Retarders - Rail
Bumpers & Fenders
Bus Inspections
Bus Parts - New & Used
Bus Rebuilders
Doors and Door Equipment - Bus
Doors and Door Equipment - Rail
Electrical/Electronic Devices - Bus
Electrical/Electronic Devices - Rail
Emission Control Products
Engine Starters - Electric
Engine, Thermal Management
Engines & Engine Components - Bus
Engines & Engine Components - Rail
Fans & Blowers - Bus
Fans & Blowers - Rail
Fatigue Management - Professional Services
Fatigue Management - Safety/Security
Filters & Filtration - Bus
Filters & Filtration - Rail
Fire Protection
Fueling Equipment - Bus
Fueling Equipment - Rail
Fuels/Alternative Fuels & Equipment
Gas Monitoring/Detection - Bus
Gas Monitoring/Detection - Rail
Global Positioning Systems - Bus
Global Positioning Systems - Rail
Graffiti & Vandalism Prevention - Bus
Graffiti & Vandalism Prevention - Rail
Hoses & Belts
Hybrid Technologies
Luggage/Parcel Racks - Bus
Luggage/Parcel Racks - Rail
Mirrors - Bus
Mirrors - Rail
Noise Reduction - Architectural & Engineering
Noise Reduction - Rail
Paints & Coatings - Bus
Paints & Coatings - Rail
Paneling & Interior Material - Bus
Paneling & Interior Material - Rail
Powdercoating - Bus
Powdercoating - Rail
Propulsion Equipment
Railcar Rebuilders
Seating & Seating Materials - Bus
Seating & Seating Materials - Rail
Shelters & Benches - Passenger - Bus
Shelters & Benches - Passenger - Rail
Shipping (Bus and Railcar) - Bus
Shipping (Bus and Railcar) - Professional Services
Shipping (Bus and Railcar) - Rail
Signs - Destination - Bus
Signs - Destination - Rail
Sunvisors - Bus
Sunvisors - Rail
Suspension Equipment - Bus
Suspension Equipment - Rail
Traction Motor Rebuilding & Supplies
Traction Power Conversion Equipment
Wheelchair Lifts/Ramps - Bus
Wheelchair Lifts/Ramps - Rail