Transit Works
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Transit Works
4199 Kinross Lakes Parkway
Richfield, OH  44286
United States
Phone: 330-861-1118
Fax: 330-861-0281
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TransitWorks is the country's leading builder of commercial shuttles, transporters, small buses and mobility vans.  With three manufacturing facilities in Ohio and Kansas, TransitWorks is building and shipping innovative transit vehicles throughout North America.  Authorized upfitter of Ford, RAM, and Mercedes full-size vans, and Dodge, Chrysler and Toyota minivans.  TransitWorks has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in crash tests, seat pull tests, and other safety testing to ensure the safety and security of our customers and their customers.

Product Information:
The best built Shuttles, Small Buses, Transporters and Wheelchair Vans for up to 15 Passengers shipped anywhere in the US

More Info
Products/Services: Manufacturer/Dealer - Small
Paratransit Vehicles - Mfgr./Dealer
Restraints/Tie Downs & Wheelchair Securements - Bus
Wheelchair Lifts/Ramps - Bus
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