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Entro Communications
122 Parliamament Street
Toronto, ON  M5A2Y8
Phone: 416-368-6988
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Entro Communications Overview

Entro Communications is a global leader in transit navigation and wayfinding. With a 25-year history dedicated to the exploration of human perception as it relates to wayfinding, we are proven leaders in this field. Our process involves significant assessment, planning and pre-testing to culminate in wayfinding strategies that accommodate a diverse ridership, eliminating confusion and resulting in straightforward, seamless journeys.

Our graphic services range from the design of sign systems for single buildings, multi-unit sites, to the development of coordinated citywide transit programs. Our approach combines the technical expertise it takes to get a sign system planned, designed and built with empathy for the cultural, historical, and architectural character of a specific project.

Our experience in shaping a brand’s essence to a public space or transit network and our ability to conduct in depth customer-oriented research will assist you in providing an optimum customer experience.

With offices in Toronto, Calgary and Zurich, we have an interdisciplinary team of 40+ professionals in fields ranging from graphic design, industrial design, engineering, architecture, journalism and urban planning.


Our Services

As specialists in transit navigation, Entro Communications offers:

Wayfinding audits

Pre & Post-implementation surveys

Service hierarchy strategy

Route identification

Bus stop signage

Wayfinding & signage programs

Operational rollout

Transit Branding


Product Information:
Products/Services: Station Design
Passenger Information Systems - Information & Technology
Route Consulting - Information & Technology
Signs - Destination - Information & Technology
Signs - Information - Information & Technology
Industrial Design
Maps - Professional Services
Other Professional Services
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