Cubic Transportation Systems
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Cubic Transportation Systems
5650 Kearny Mesa Road
San Diego, CA  92111
United States
Phone: 425-444-8202
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Cubic Transportation Systems is an industry-leading integrator of payment and information solutions and related services for intelligent travel applications providing transportation authorities with the information they need to effectively and efficiently manage daily operations, including access to real-time transportation data to improve on-time performance, simplify scheduling and dispatching, and facilitate access to on-vehicle systems. 

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Cubic’s NextBus is a cloud-based solution that provides real-time passenger information systems to over 100 transit agencies, organizations, institutions, and airports. We serve more than 300 million riders each year and offer a host of arrival information options, including apps for mobile devices, a full-featured website, and signage. Deployed as a Transit Management as a Service (TMaaS) platform, NextBus provides operators with access to real-time transportation data, helping them improve on-time performance, simplify scheduling and dispatching and facilitate access to on-vehicle systems. Integrating a suite of user tools, NextBus allows operators to visualize the vehicle ID, assigned route, direction of travel, current service and location, current speed of travel, number of passengers, engine telemetry, covert alarm status, headway status, and schedule adherence status for each vehicle in service. NextBus offers powerful reporting features, allowing operators to run dozens of standardized and customized reports for schedule adherence, headway, and job/block. Our RTPI provides convenient access to trip planning, real-time arrival predictions and departure updates with machine learning, service alerts and notifications, and number of seats available. Our backend content management platform for operators includes an intuitive web-based portal that facilitates planning, scheduling and operations with dynamic maps, real-time and historical data, dashboards with widgets, and a dedicated driver application. 

Driver Control Unit, DCU

Cubic’s Driver Control Unit (DCU) is an intelligent management and communications device that interfaces with Cubic NextBus’ world-class RTPI predictions, passenger counters, NextStop signage, engine diagnostics, two-way operator messaging and operator covert alarms. The  DCU provides a single point for the monitoring and management of on-vehicle systems, using easy-to-see displays with easy-to-use user interface – can use gloves on touch screen as well as with side buttons – to maximize driver attention on the safe operation of their vehicles. The DCU also offers flexible support for transit and vehicle systems using a fully-integrated collection of Cubic software and hardware. This allows drivers to use one familiar screen to interact with diverse on-board systems including signage, vehicle locators, and driver communications. A unified point of control increases driver efficiency and can help to reduce training requirements.

Content Management System

Cubic – drawing on its NextBus RTPI expertise – has developed a service offering that comprises a cloud-based multi-modal, citywide services Content Management System (CMS) hosted and maintained by Cubic for displaying timely, relevant information to travelers. The CMS provides transportation agencies with an improved, more confident traveler experience. For the governing body, the CMS fits into the growing trend of smart city initiatives, and creates an advertising revenue stream. The CMS provides a faster, less expensive and more streamlined delivery. Cubic provides customers with several design templates and allows the customer to own the displayed content through an administrator site, allowing the content manager to monitor and update sections with changes to messages, alerts and advertising. The real-time arrival information is delivered through connected API feeds.

Product Information:
Products/Services: Bus System Management - Information & Technology
Cellular Phones/2-Way Radios
Communications Equipment - Information & Technology
Computer Hardware, Software & Accessories
Computer Software Evaluation & Acquisition
Customer Information Services
Dispatch Software
Document Management
Information Technology Design/Implementation
Intelligent Transportation Sys Technology/Planning
Interactive Voice Response Systems - IVRS
Management Information Systems
Passenger Information Systems - Information & Technology
Route Consulting - Information & Technology
Scheduling - Information & Technology
Signs - Destination - Information & Technology
Signs - Information - Information & Technology
Solar-Powered Solutions - Information & Technology
Time Systems
Video Surveillance
Video Surveillance - Information & Technology
Weather Monitoring, Alarm & Prediction Sys.
Wi-Fi - Information & Technology
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