ARC Alternative Renewable Construction LLC
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ARC Alternative Renewable Construction LLC
330 Crescent Village Circle Suite 1359
San Jose, CA  95134
United States
Phone: 505-316-4241
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Company Description:

ARC Alternative and Renewable Construction LLC (ARC) is a program and construction management company that is focused on improving the affordability and accessibility of low carbon infrastructure solutions and technologies across project life cycles and supply chains. ARC’s mission is to support human development that is in total harmony with the natural systems we all rely on for survival. 

Products/Services: Architectural
Construction Management - Architectural & Engineering
Contract Management - Architectural & Engineering
Environmental Consulting - Architectural & Engineering
Maintenance Consulting - Architectural & Engineering
Management Consulting - Architectural & Engineering
Project Management - Architectural & Engineering
Quality Assurance - Architectural & Engineering
Route Consulting - Architectural & Engineering
Scheduling - Architectural & Engineering
Station Design
Systems Integration - Architectural & Engineering
Transit Oriented Development - Architectural & Engineering
Water Transportation
Fare Media
Computer Software Evaluation & Acquisition
Information Technology Design/Implementation
Intelligent Transportation Sys Technology/Planning
Management Information Systems
Route Consulting - Information & Technology
Scheduling - Information & Technology
Signs - Destination - Information & Technology
Signs - Information - Information & Technology
Solar-Powered Solutions - Information & Technology
Communications/Public Relations
Construction Management
Contract Management
Contractual/Risk Management
Cost Modeling and Cost Benefit Analysis
DBE Program Design Implementation & Audits
Environmental Consulting
Procurement Services
Professional Services
Project Management - Professional Services
Public/Private Partnership
Real Estate Management
Scheduling - Professional Services
Systems Integration - Professional Services
Technical Manual Development
Training - Professional Services
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