Talgo, Inc.
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Talgo, Inc.
(04a) Manufacturers and Suppliers
1000 Second Avenue, Suite 1950
Seattle, WA  98014
United States
Phone: 321-804-7040
Fax: 321-804-7040
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Company Description:
  • World Leader in design, integration, manufacture and maintenance and overhaul of passenger rail equipment
  • Manufacture of high speed rail and intercity passenger rail equipment
  • Pioneer in preventive maintenance of rail equipment
  • Major overhauls of systems and subsystems on rolling stock including light rail vehicles and heavy rail vehicles
Product Information:
Products/Services: High Speed Rail/Maglev
Preventative Maintenance - Rail
Railcar - Mfgr./Dealer
Railcar Wheel Maintenance & Service Equipment
Systems Integration - Rail
Wheel - Rail - Truing Machines
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