Thermon Heating Systems, Inc.
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Thermon Heating Systems, Inc.
(04a) Manufacturers and Suppliers
5918 Roper Road
Edmonton, AB  T6B 3E1
Phone: 800-661-8529
Fax: 780-468-5904
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Company Description:

Thermon Heating Systems, Inc.’s dedication to provide advanced, high-quality heating products for transit applications has resulted in the most widely used and trusted product offering in North America. This trust has been built through the development of custom heating solutions for a long list of major North American rail projects.

Thermon Heating Systems’ progressive technology, experienced design team and use of high quality components ensures the durability and high performance of our heaters. With Canadian and American manufacturing capabilities, Thermon Heating Systems can provide heating solution perfectly tailored to your needs.


Product Information:
“The electric hot air blower provides an integrated solution for clearing snow and ice from any railroad switch layout or configuration,” says Bernie Moore, CEO and President. “CCI Thermal’s industrial heating expertise and rail heating knowledge have been integrated into this new product making it the most advanced blower switch heater on the market.”

Fastrax® is a leading manufacturer of complete engineered electric rail heating packages for freight railroads and transit systems. We provide

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