MGM Brakes
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MGM Brakes
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6200 Harris Technology Blvd.
Charlotte, NC  28269
United States
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Since 1956, MGM Brakes, a division of Indian Head Industries, Inc., has been a global leader in the development of spring parking brake actuator technology and electronic brake monitoring systems.

MGM Brakes actively supports the commercial vehicle industry in the truck, trailer, transit bus, school bus, military and vocational markets with the most complete line of drum and air disc brake.  In recent years, MGM Brakes has been active in the development and introduction of patented electronic brake monitoring systems which are rapidly being used to identify "out-of-adjustment" brakes and much more. This new electronic technology will improve vehicle safety and reduce maintenance costs.

We continue to refine existing products while developing new solutions to the transportation industry's ever-changing requirements.  With MGM BRAKES, you can be confident you're equipping your fleet with products that are on the cutting edge of technology. 

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The proper operation and maintenance of your vehicles air brakes are critical to providing safe, reliable service to your customers. With the Transit industry increasingly using air disc brakes, visual inspection of these systems becomes impractical and nearly impossible. MGM’s e•STROKE® Electronic Brake Monitoring System for air disc brakes provides constant, real-time monitoring of your vehicles air disc braking system, and can warn of potentially serious braking issues before they become catastrophic.


When coupled with Automated Vehicle Monitoring (AVM) systems, MGM’s e•STROKE® technology can provide excellent visibility concerning the condition of your fleets braking systems, making pro-active maintenance a reality. In addition, the ability for MGM’s e•STROKE® to integrate with the vehicle’s engine controls, the system can provide an automatic engine de-rate when a dangerous dragging brake is detected during vehicle operation.


MGM’s Electronic Brake Monitoring technology not only can provide significant maintenance savings, but can also protect your fleet operations from the liability associated with improperly operating vehicle brakes. If you find this technology of interest, please contact us for further information @ or call customer service @ 1-800-527-1534 ext. 6021.


Product Information:
MGM Brakes e•STROKE®, Brake Monitoring System for Air-Disc Brakes, provides a cost efficient method for Bus & Coach Operators to be pro-active in brake safety and maintenance, virtually performing a brake inspection with each brake application. Integrated with vehicle on-board recorders and AVM, or used as a stand-alone diagnostic and safety tool, e•STROKE® delivers accurate insight into brake function and system status. Wheel and problem specific diagnostic codes reduce downtime and labor cost.

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