HNTB Corporation
(04b) Consultants
One S Wacker Drive, Suite 900
Chicago, IL  60606
United States
Phone: 312-798-0385
Contact: Kimberly Slaughter
Products/Services: ADA (Americans with Disabilities) Compliance - Bus
ADA (Americans with Disabilities) Compliance - Rail
Automatic Vehicle Location/Identification - Bus
Automatic Vehicle Location/Identification - Rail
Cellular Phones/2-Way Radios
Communications Equipment - Bus
Communications Equipment - Information & Technology
Communications Equipment - Professional Services
Communications Equipment - Rail
Construction Management
Construction Management - Architectural & Engineering
Contractual/Risk Management
Freight Transportation - Bus
Freight Transportation - Rail
Global Positioning Systems - Bus
Global Positioning Systems - Rail
High Speed Rail/Maglev
Intelligent Transportation Sys Technology/Planning
Overhead Contact System Equipment
Passenger Information Systems - Bus
Passenger Information Systems - Information & Technology
Passenger Information Systems - Rail
Project Management - Architectural & Engineering
Project Management - Professional Services
Signaling/Train Control
Systems Integration - Architectural & Engineering
Systems Integration - Bus
Systems Integration - Professional Services
Systems Integration - Rail
Track Design - Architectural & Engineering
Track Design - Rail
Traction Power
Training - Bus
Training - Professional Services
Training - Rail
Video Surveillance
Video Surveillance
Video Surveillance - Information & Technology
Video Surveillance - Safety/Security