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As cities grow and populations become more environmentally conscious, more residents are using public transportation.  Around the world, mass transit operators are looking to maximize revenue, reduce fare evasion, increase security, and improve services to riders.  Our solutions provide our clients with the ability to run more efficiently and keep passengers happy.

We are a leading integrator of computer-aided dispatch/automatic vehicle location systems (CAD/AVL), Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and fare collection solutions for public transportation services, public works and school bus fleets. ACS systems enhance fleet management capabilities and streamline revenue collection, while providing a wealth of information for managers, employees and passengers.

Xerox provides configurable, customer-focused fare collection, CAD/AVL, and ITS solutions for public transit clients worldwide. We are also a pioneer in the design and development of contactless smartcard and bankcard solutions that enhance fare system revenues while minimizing agency administrative costs.

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VPE 420 - The Contactless Validator That Communicates Customers want to obtain information and recharge their cards at any place and at any time. Which means public transport operators are seeking ever more contact points. Now you can do exactly that, and communicate with your passengers in customized, context-sensitive fashion. The VPE 420 is an advanced contactless ticketing validator, capable of reading all types of contactless media. It features a large front-panel color touchscreen that:

• Invites passengers to validate their journey

• Informs them of their season ticket status

• Provides a map to help them choose their destination zone

• Thanks them for their patronage.

You have total freedom to choose from among these options, and use the VPE 420 to project your image and communicate with the public. Two versions are available: onboard for buses or trams, and fixed for a terminal or gate controller.

Product Information:
Products/Services: Parking Management - Architectural & Engineering
Systems Integration - Architectural & Engineering
Automatic Vehicle Location/Identification - Bus
Bus Management Systems
Communications Equipment - Bus
Emergency Notification Services - Bus
Global Positioning Systems - Bus
Parking Management - Bus
Passenger Counters - Bus
Passenger Information Systems - Bus
Signs - Destination - Bus
Systems Integration - Bus
Cash Collection/Retail Ticketing
Fare Collection
Fare Collection Equipment, Refurbished
Fare Media
Fare Media Holders
Document Management
Management Information Systems
Passenger Information Systems - Information & Technology
Parking Management - Professional Services
Systems Integration - Professional Services
Communications Equipment - Rail
Global Positioning Systems - Rail
Parking Management - Rail
Passenger Counters - Rail
Passenger Information Systems - Rail
Signal Priority
Signs - Destination - Rail
Systems Integration - Rail
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